About Our Stamps...
We use deep-etched red rubber for our stamps.  Our mounted dies are then adhered to 1/8" red cushion and 3/4" hourglass maple mounts, and the image is indexed in black soy-based printers ink.  Our unmounted dies are just the red rubber, but nicely trimmed.

We design all of the stamp images ourselves, and always welcome feedback on what you might like to see in future supplements.  We have designed many stamps that were suggestions or requests!

Copyright Information
Yes, we're an angel company!  If you would like to make hand-stamped items (artwork or crafts) with our rubber stamps and sell them for a profit, it's okay.  As long as you hand-stamp each image, and do not mass produce an item (limited number of the identical card for example).   You may NOT sell the stamped image only.   And please give credit whenever possible.  Mechanical, electronic or digital reproductions are a violation of copyright law, so please no scans, photocopies or other means of reproduction.

About Us...
The Catslife Press family includes Susan, Rick, and Max... 
also kitties Mia, Alvy, Lily, Miles, Jasmine, and Annie.
You end up with six cats when you volunteer at the local Humane Society shelter! 

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