How to Order
We accept Checks and Money orders via snail-mail,
and PayPal on-line!
  See below for more information...

Prices and Shipping

Size Mounted / Unm Size Mounted / Unm
A $3.80  /  $1.90 E $8.60  /  $4.30
B $4.80  /  $2.40 F $9.60  /  $4.80
C $6.20  /  $3.10 G $11.00  /  $5.50
D $7.40  /  $3.70 H $12.00  /  $6.00

Shipping & Handling:  U.S. $5.00, Canada $10.00, Overseas $15.00
Shipping 1/2 price if all unmounted stamps

NOTE:  Our shipping is flat rate, and is per order (not per stamp) :-)

We sell both mounted & unmounted rubber stamps, and our prices & shipping charges are also outlined on our
Order Form.  
Unmounted stamps are just the red rubber (no wood or cushion included).
As noted on our order form, please allow 2-3 for delivery, but we are usually very quick.  Our goal is to mail your order out within two business days!!


To Order On-line with PayPal
We don't have a shopping cart yet, but if paying with PayPal you can 
e-mail your order to us at  (be sure to note mounted or unmounted) and we are happy to calculate the total and send you a PayPal payment request...that way you are sure that we have received your order and you don't have to bother with any calculations.  Feel free to send your PayPal payment at the same time as you e-mail your order if you prefer...we will always send an e-mail confirmation to you so you know when your package will be in the mail.

You can also pay with a credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account!
Just email your order and then we will send you a
PayPal payment request. You will then complete
your payment as a guest using your credit card.

To Order via Snail-Mail
Print off our
Order Form, fill it out, and mail it to us at:
P.O. BOX 223

Include a check or money order (US Dollars), or we can send you a PayPal request.
If you include your e-mail address on the order form, we can send you an e-mail letting you know we received your order and when it will be in the mail.

Wholesale information
We do wholesale to storefronts and on-line stamp & scrapbook stores!
  If you have a store and are interested in carrying our stamps, 
please contact us for our wholesale information.  
Our e-mail is

Thank you!

Rubber Stamps Made in the USA (by us, in Oregon!)

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